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Disciple Making Movements

We work with effective materials labeled Disciple Making Movements (DMM). So what exactly is a Disciple Making Movement and how does it work? Some of the key paradigm shifts to a successful DMM are:

  • Go slow at first in order to go fast later

Notes from training:


God has already prepared them to receive you

• It usually takes 3 years to do DMM correctly

• It usually takes 5 years to see Radical viral growth

• “Hockey Stick” growth chart - It starts slow and then takes off

• Analogy of “grapes”, taking 7 years to get your first harvest

• Analogy of pregnancy, the birth doesn’t happen overnight. If it does, it doesn’t stand the test of time

• This is not one on one evangelism – this is group evangelism. The person of Peace is the gateway to a larger network.

  • Focus on a few to reach the many

 It's not a shotgun, but instead a very targeted approach to people of peace. Jesus spoke to many, but he chose only a few. He invested in depth with a select handful, and he sent them out with explicit instructions to do the same.

Whatever town or village you enter, search there for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave. Matthew 10: 11 (NIV)

  • Jesus' ministry touched thousands, but he trained twelve men. He gave his life on the cross for millions, but during the three and half years of his ministry he gave his life uniquely to twelve men.

  • Jesus focused most of his discipleship attention on the twelve. He spoke publicly in parables, but unpacked the detail in private later. He gave his life to the twelve, living out all aspects of life with them. Discipleship requires deep relationships. Sharing all aspects of life, and not just ministry activity.

  • Share only when and where people are ready to hear

Moved by the Holy Spirit  to listen to His voice, hare not on your time but on their time with those are ready.

  • There are people that look like they are the ideal "person of peace" but we have to share when they are ready, not when we feel they are ready

  • Finding people of peace is about prayer and listening. We do not want to be the bull horn disciple who cast a net at random.

  • Sometimes a person of peace may take years of friendship and trust first.  Especially in situations where the people you work with have been used or abused, establishing trust and meeting everyday physical needs comes before discipleship.

  • We show we love them by feeding them BEFORE we are asking them to trust us. We show love before we ask them to take a step of faith.

  • It's about discovering and obeying not teaching and knowledge

When people are open to the message of Christ, they are gathered to read, hear, and obey God’s word. The goal is to obey what is being taught, not in sense we can be gain faith through obedience but instead that obedience aligns us to be the example of faith (far from perfect but relying on His word) to be a light others want to replicate. 

  • Because the focus of the groups is simply hearing and obeying the Bible, expert teachers are not needed and new groups can quickly begin.

  • As new groups multiply, churches are formed by the new baptized followers.

  • The goal of missions work is to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).

  • Disciple makers are prepared to invest weeks, months, and maybe years developing genuine friendships, facilitating someone’s discovery of and obedience to God’s story from creation to Christ, and eventually giving Jesus his life allegiance.” Trousdale

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