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In 2018,we created a 501C3 called "Global Disciples Inc."  It is the IRS approved tax deductible vehicle supporting our efforts to combat human trafficking while providing a platform for our ultimate mission as disciple makers in Thailand.

Giving can be via check, credit card or text.  We encourage automatic drafts as credit cards take roughly 3% off the top.

To make a tax free donation to our 501C3 for the support of our ministry click "Give" below 

We also have partnered with Family Connection Foundation for the bar ministry we call illumin8 which was created to help and serve the women of Loi Kroh. Our focus is education in personal finance, cooking, food relief and most importantly discipleship. To donate to the ministry click the "Give" button and select illumin8 fund (bar ministry).

If you would like to mail a physical check please let us know and we can provide the details to the closest Prosperity Bank location. ​Please ensure the name "Global Disciples Inc" and our account number are on any checks.

Tax Documentation for all donations will be emailed by Jan 31st of the year following the donation for tax records and deductions.

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