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Feb 23, 2022 Valentine's Day Event

Ashley and our newly hired Thai counselor, Kaowfang W. Attawut, put together an awesome Valentines event last Wednesday February the 16th. During this time, I (Ryan Lee) was upstairs because this was an event exclusive to women. As I was told, it was a "no-man zone".

Many of the women who attended had never made or decorated cookies before and had a blast. We asked them to decorate some cookies for themselves and some to pass out to others. They also got to take home a bag of makeup and beauty supplies that we hope will encourage others who did not get to attend. If jealousy can be made to be a positive term, this would be a good example.

Kaowfang had the girls rolling in laughter with some fun games she created. Following this she had a short message about how the Bible defines a true love. It is events like these that help us to build deeper relationships that are foundational for more meaningful conversations.

For 2022, we have planned 6 of these events and have expectations for more coming as the word spreads.

Thank you for all that support our efforts here and allow us to continue to work with these girls.

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