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Finishing 2022 with a BANG!

It's been a busy but great couple of week's here at illumin8 and we are excited.

Over the past 2 weeks, 15 women from bars, massage shops and foundations have visited the illumin8 Community Center. During that time our great staff have helped to provide 2.5 hours of Bible class, with hours and hours of washing clothes, setting out new donated clothing, teaching finance, and many hours of trauma counseling. Combined, more than 41 hours of time was provided to those in our community who seek help here. Thank you to Kaowfang W. Attawut and Rainie Peerada for making this all possible!

Also, we are SUPER EXCITED about the future. Last week, our team here spent a full day talking about our upcoming plans for the remainder of 2022 and 2023. We have a one year anniversary event coming in two weeks AND a more intensive getaway retreat for 10-20 women for a deeper foundation of friendship. Our plans are to have four more party-type events next year with another intensive in Dec 2023. Lastly, our new initiative UpSource is moving forward as we have an upcoming meeting with an attorney to facilitate everything being done efficiently and lawfully.

We came knowing that discipleship is not a fast process. One of our initial learnings before we got here was "Go slow at first, in order to go fast later", meaning taking the time to mentor someone fully, so that, like 2 Timothy 2:2. they can then mentor others as they were mentored. Our prayer is that, done effectively, we can slowly build strong disciples of light serving this area.

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