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God Is Always There

So, last night in small group we were listening to a message about how God is with us even if we don't see him. I have always known and trusted this, but we are starting a phase in this journey that has some unknowns and me being the crazy planner I am, I'm not crazy about unknowns. For those of you who know me, I know, I know, this is just shocking news. Yes, I like to have every little detail planned out way in advance. EVERY. LITTLE. DETAIL. But, the thing is, God doesn't always let you in on those details, even though he already has them planned out. That's the cool thing, He has them planned I love saying that. EVERY. LITTLE. DETAIL. HE already has it planned. So, in my quiet time over the next couple of days I plan to finish writing out Daniel Chapter 3 and just remember that God has this and I need to not worry. Please join us in prayer as we begin our search for church partners to support us while we are deployed in Thailand.

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