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God's Calling

A little bit about how we got started....

Ryan and I have been thinking about Thailand for years, but really just dreaming of one day retiring there. Then around May of 2017 we started seriously discussing moving there with our family to have a new experience and show them a new world. But God had other plans, not surprising. :) I attended the Global Leadership summit in August 2017 and was blown away! I still remember sitting there in the third session and I heard VERY clearly God telling me it was time to not only go to Thailand but also to fight sex-trafficking. I sent Ryan an email immediately after the session with a title "What if we were brave...?" We didn't discuss that night or the next as we were both working late to catch up and get ready for our family vacation. As we are driving to Galveston for our cruise on Saturday I asked him if he got my email.....not knowing what was about to come.... He looks at me and says "yes, I did, and it's weird because I've been thinking about this for about a year now, and I think we should go to Thailand and work against sex-trafficking" I sat there for a minute not sure how to respond except that I KNEW without a doubt God was calling us. Thus started this crazy journey.

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