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Jan 31, 2022 Bunny business

Disclaimer: It’s not about us, it’s not about me, It’s not about Ashley. It’s about what God is doing here.

Helping people, it really is a GREAT feeling. But if were to share honestly, it’s also an often messy and frustrating situation. Sometimes clients show up and sometimes we wait, and no one comes. Often, clients are too drunk or hungover to engage. Last Thursday, our weekly visit to the bars was interrupted by a woman needing critical help. We plan one thing, but other needs frequently arise. Our plans are just that, our plans, which we must acknowledge may not align with the critical time needed to address the personal “clean up on aisle 3”. These diversions are not the way we see our plans playing out. They are, however, when God works reminding us that a messy situation is not inherently a bad foundation for a deep discussion. Often, it’s the cornerstone for a new direction.

We try to remember God doesn’t just work through the messes, God works IN the messiness of human life, shining a light for a way out. The 2017 Grammy award-winning Zach Williams is a great example of someone arising from the depths of despair to the success he is today in Christian music. His website confidently shares his story. “In many instances while on the road, he found himself on the phone with his wife, slurring his words, barely able to hold a conversation. But it was during his band’s tour throughout Spain that he experienced a hazy moment of reflection. The bus driver was skipping through radio stations when “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave was playing on one of the channels. That chance finding became a life-changing moment for Zach, and at that instant, he realized maybe he wasn’t too far-gone to be saved.

Later that evening back in the hotel, in desperation, Zach knew he was a broken man. His life had to change, or he’d lose everything. He called his wife bursting with news of the start of a transformation—he told her he was done; he was quitting the band and was coming home. She was hesitant to believe him—here he was a mess one night, and purposeful the next morning—but he was true to his word.”

Some of you may be aware that we have rabbits or maybe I should say the rabbits have us as their caretakers because they are a lot of work. We enjoy the three that we have, and I (Ryan) spent months with Kendal and Kaelyn building them a fun place to live outside. Anyone who has ever raised a rabbit can attest to the fact they are really cute, but also REALLY messy little buggers especially when you have more than one. The daily chores are to feed them, water them and clean up the cage including their droppings. When they have kits (baby rabbits) they're so cute but the work increases. Frankly it’s a messy job, one that the kids barter with each other who gets to clean it today. But, if I take this messy nitrogen-rich formula and put it in the soil with my Banana, Mango, Lime, Lemon and Dragon Fruit plants an amazing thing happens. What was a disgusting mess has now become the fuel for these plants to produce fantastic and bountiful fruit. What was trash, is now a treasure and a blessing.

Through the unexpected and the unplanned, God is moving in Chiang Mai. Over the past week, our discipleship classes have seen great success and we are so blessed to be a part of this. Our prayer is that we do not get distracted by our own plans. Let us work in the mess that sin creates in this world to work Your will and help others find the light of love You have for them.

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